Types of Indian Traditional Clothing for Men

Indian dresses for men has been known to be the most unique clothing for men. Getting dressed Indian women, there are different types of male attire and are related to the regions living. For example, a man who lived in the South of the India different clothes in comparison to a man of the North. Here are the three different types of traditional clothing for men in the India

Dhoti Kurta:

the Dhoti Kurta is the traditional garment par excellence for men in the India, and is itself used in different styles in the India. Basically, a person who lives in the South of the India use differently than a person who lives in the North India. The most famous person to wear a dhoti was Mahatma Gandhi in the India. In some cases, people use a tunic over the dhoti, which is known as the dhoti kurta.

Kurta Pajama:

the Kurta pyjama and Salwar Kameez can be coupled together, while the dhoti kurta and the sari can be coupled together as similar attire. The kurta is basically a male robe that is worn over pajamas. It can be long or long cuts, up to the waist.  The long kurta can be up to the ankles, or in some cases even up to the knees.


the Lungi is another important part of the traditional Indian costume. The lungi is commonly used at places of South India.  It is a piece of rectangular cloth which is worn over the waist and knotted. While many would think that the lungi is a kind of casual clothes, not so in many parts of the India. To politicians, celebrities etc. use the lungi.

these are the three main types of outfits that an Indian man takes. Of course, with the changing times, men have taken to wear pants and shirts as daily use in urban areas, but they are still used by the previous generation. 


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