Satya Paul – History About a Big Indian Designer

behind the global brand Satya Paul designer was originally born in Leigha, Pakistan and came to the India during the division of the country. Satya Paul is one of the designers of the global fashion industry pioneers who established the design of the brand with the same name in 1985. He was especially famous for working with weavers in their own villages becoming their handicraft products of design.

released in 1985 Satya Paul is one the leading designer brands in India with international presence. The label is celebrated for ingenuity in design and a range of bright colours, known for sexy female parts, signature print style ageless. The brand has developed over the years to a fashion label India famous worldwide, present in 27 places in the India and street shops abroad. The evolution of the brand to an international fashion label is mostly based on the fact, Satya Paul has always responded actively to your entire environment.

collections are always carefully centered on a theme of what is in fashion and fashion, be completely up-to-date with the styles and trends of the current season. Each piece created by Indian designer team mirrors impulsive, vital colors, distinctive patterns and contours and great creativity.

the variety of Satya Paul Womenswear is fabulous, including beautiful India Couture, ready to wear fashionable clothes, beautiful Indian saris and a great diversity of India fashion accessories such as clutches, scarves and handbags. The man of the label is especially concentrated in fashion accessories and new age of business and casual occasions. Bids for men between twins and neckties, belts and wallets.

as well as man and woman clothing, designer label Indiana creates beautiful collections bridal Indian saris in vivid colors, magnificent lehengas embroidery and sophisticated patterns. Each garment emanates beauty, elegance and glow in all the senses, which meets every imagination of a woman on her own bridal wear.

Satya Paul Signature Series incorporates the concept of discreet luxury with every piece created with wonderful prints, fabrics sensual embellishments, materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Each garment in the store of the signature is da seriousness and attention made. In addition the shop is organising an exclusive limited edition of Satya Paul designs and incorporating services customized to each clients comfort. Opened the first store of Satya Paul Signature at DLF Emporio shopping in New Delhi. “Satya” diffusion line exhibits the finest designs in terms of impressions. The line focuses on design sensitivities and affordability to be destined for the market of sari.


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