Mirror Work Embroidery or Abla Embroidery Used in Fashion by Indian Designers

mirror work is a traditional technique that is native to Gujarat in the India. This technique has been widely used for clothing and accessories for the home for many years. Indian designers recently used more of this technique to its track and ready to wear Collections. This technique has a contemporary makeover by the designers of the India.

some of the most recent examples of designers used this technique on the ramp are Abraham & Thakore and Payal Singhal. Both these contemporary designers have been inspired by the work of the mirror and used in their collections.

mirror embroidery

Kaanch or Sisha embroidery is known as the mirror or abla work embroidery. Initially pieces of stones were used as mica instead of mirrors, but over time, small round mirrors or thin pieces of blown glass were smashed.

designers of the India and Abla embroidered

Indian designers have made use of the abla embroidery on various parts of their collections. The use has been restricted to traditional garments and mainly finishing mainly. The use of the mirror wide work in collections of designers from the India is a fairly new phenomenon.

Abraham & Thakore

the Indian designer duo of Abraham & Thakore used a combination of mirror embroidery work and subtle details. These designers are renowned for its contemporary interpretation of traditional styles of India. The take in the work of the mirror was no exception – these Indian designers use large mirrors on kameez suits salwar and saris.

while the choice of clothing was exceptional, the implementation of the vision was most elegant. These designers showed (as you usually do) that it is possible to be modern and elegant and at the same time draws on traditions indias

of Payal Singhal of the Payal Singhal last presented at the Lakme fashion week included a lot of pieces that mirror recommended working

this created design Sarees, salwar kameez suits and lehengas (lenghas) – mirror detail. The combination of details of tops in colours peach mirror and pink creates a very unique appearance. The use of the abla in lehengas has been traditional, but the combination of colors and the overall style by Payal Singal to the absolutely unique pieces. Conclusion

mirror detail has not been traditionally considered fashionable or stylish. Each one of above mentioned Indian designers (Payal Singal and Abraham & Thakore) have used them the technique of contemporary fashion and fashion. The promotion of this traditional technique by designers is certainly one in the right direction for traditional Indian handicrafts.


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