How Do You Get Lower Electric Rates?

I was looking around the internet today and I found this website called electricity providers dot org which lets you search for a new electric provider in your location. Of course that is not going to help most of the people reading this, because it only applies to Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania. At least that is what this web page does. They have about a hundred electric companies in Texas and most people down there get to choose from a handful of them. If you live in a heavily populated urban area then you are going to have more choices than the people who live out in the middle of nowhere. No one is going to be breaking their neck to compete for some lonely guy who lives a hundred miles from any other lonely guys. That is not how you make money obviously, but you have to get electric power if you are in the middle of nowhere.

In fact it is easy to use one of these sites and I knew basically that there was a choice, only there is not that much of one where I live. I live out in a rural area outside of Allentown. Here we have about as many deer as we have people, some of them really big trophy bucks. So it is analogous to the idea I put forth earlier. There are not enough customers for the electric companies to really care as much about competing with each other. They are going to want to go where the customers are side by side for miles and miles. My nearest neighbor is about a half a mile away up by the lake and there is only a couple of other people in that area. I like it like that however and no one bothers me.

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