Mirror Work Embroidery or Abla Embroidery Used in Fashion by Indian Designers

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mirror work is a traditional technique that is native to Gujarat in the India. This technique has been widely used for clothing and accessories for the home for many years. Indian designers recently used more of this technique to its track and ready to wear Collections. This technique has a contemporary makeover by the designers of the India.

some of the most recent examples of designers used this technique on the ramp are Abraham & Thakore and Payal Singhal. Both these contemporary designers have been inspired by the work of the mirror and used in their collections.

mirror embroidery

Kaanch or Sisha embroidery is known as the mirror or abla work embroidery. Initially pieces of stones were used as mica instead of mirrors, but over time, small round mirrors or thin pieces of blown glass were smashed.

designers of the India and Abla embroidered

Indian designers have made use of the abla embroidery on various parts of their collections. The use has been restricted to traditional garments and mainly finishing mainly. The use of the mirror wide work in collections of designers from the India is a fairly new phenomenon.

Abraham & Thakore

the Indian designer duo of Abraham & Thakore used a combination of mirror embroidery work and subtle details. These designers are renowned for its contemporary interpretation of traditional styles of India. The take in the work of the mirror was no exception – these Indian designers use large mirrors on kameez suits salwar and saris.

while the choice of clothing was exceptional, the implementation of the vision was most elegant. These designers showed (as you usually do) that it is possible to be modern and elegant and at the same time draws on traditions indias

of Payal Singhal of the Payal Singhal last presented at the Lakme fashion week included a lot of pieces that mirror recommended working

this created design Sarees, salwar kameez suits and lehengas (lenghas) – mirror detail. The combination of details of tops in colours peach mirror and pink creates a very unique appearance. The use of the abla in lehengas has been traditional, but the combination of colors and the overall style by Payal Singal to the absolutely unique pieces. Conclusion

mirror detail has not been traditionally considered fashionable or stylish. Each one of above mentioned Indian designers (Payal Singal and Abraham & Thakore) have used them the technique of contemporary fashion and fashion. The promotion of this traditional technique by designers is certainly one in the right direction for traditional Indian handicrafts.


Indian Wedding Wear Fashion

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Indian weddings are known for their greatness and Majesty. Bright motifs, assortment of brilliant jewelry, opulent wedding of collections of clothing, luxury kitchens, all ultimately carry out a great opportunity that ultimately plays a fundamental role in the life of the bride and groom. Anarakali salwar kameez for cousins and friends of the bride, lehengas and brands Sarees wedding sherwani wedding sherwanis Indo-western of the brothers of the groom, groom’s are some formal outfits that are popular as a wedding fashion clothing.

as jewelry, dress of wedding wear also plays a role important in every wedding. If you believes that is only the bride that is special about his attire of wedding, thinks another time. The big fat India wedding tries to get apartments for ceremonies such as the sangeet, mehendi, cocktail, and finally the wedding.

a girl wedding collection includes different styles of clothing ranging from lehenga for day of wedding, a collection of designer Sarees and a beautiful assortment of anarkali salwar kameez for the post wedding ceremonies and rituals.

there is so much to choose a bride can mix and match and create something unique and exclusive to it. Anarkali salwar kameez, which has been in vogue since the last few seasons always valued more than the other styles available in salwar kameez designs. Anarkali salwar kameez, are perfect for the ceremonies of pre and post wedding from the bride. One can experiment with different necklines, length of sleeves and trims to modernize the clothes and look impressive.

always think of bright colors, adornments, luxury fabrics when we think of wedding wear, but the most that gets jump out of our minds is the comfort factor. A wedding dress should be as comfortable as it is luxurious. You must not be mounted too as you need to spend long hours using it. One must select fabrics from lightweight as chanderi, organza, chiffon, network or silk satin, embellished with sequins, beads, pearls, Swarovski, turquoise stones and glass’s work.

Although there is much that experiments with the bride, the groom has limited options to select. Traditional wedding Sherwani and Indo Western sherwani are options to groom can opt out on your wedding day. According to the latest trends and fashion expert advice, traditional wedding sherwani is the perfect outfit for the wedding day while that Indo Western wedding sherwani works well for the welcome ceremony.

fiance-be Western Indo Jodhpuri suits, sherwanis and sherwanis wedding can try adorned with intricate craftsmanship regal and exclusive fashion. Fabrics such as velvet, Brocade and satin wedding dress best work add to the rich look. Zari, work ornaments of stone, zardosi embroidery in a palette of darker as Brown, rust, oxide red, Aubergine and black look beautiful, when partnered with a beautiful dupatta around the neck.

therefore, enjoy this wonderful celebration with their beings loved and luxuriously designed clothes and jewelry.


Durga Puja Fashion: Traditional Indian Red And White Outfits for Men

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Durga Puja is just few days and all are busy planning and choosing clothes to bring along this great celebration that extends for more than 4-5 days. Festivals are the time to go to the traditional Indian clothing and therefore men and beautiful women in their magnificent suits of traditional designer of India this time of the year.

each festival has its own theme and features and also does the Durga Puja. Being a bengali festival, Durga Puja is richly imbued with traditions that have been part of it since ages. Among other things, Durga Puja also has its own special dress code. Women are most viewed in traditional Indian saris of red and white that exude the look perfect for Durga Pujaa. At the same time the men also don traditional Indian clothing red and white that are best suited for Durga Pujaa. Ethnic Indian clothes for men as Kurta pyjamas and Dhoti Kurta, Sherwani, Churidar Kurta, etc. in the red and white color scheme looks for fabulous Durga Pujaa.

also the large number of Indian men now Designer on day offers immensely gorgeous traditional and therefore ideal outfits for festivals like Durga Puja. Them men that not shy away from the magnificent costumes would find it great variety of clothes of designer Indian them men that are of style traditional and improved with exquisite ornaments as sequins, beads, zardozi, resham, embroidery, etc quite attractive. However, between a great variety to choose from, looks better for Durga Pujja are designer Kurtas Dhoti in red and white combination.

no other equipment can be regarded as ethnic and traditional bengali Festival of Durga Pujaa apart from Dhoti Kurta. Latest Dhoti Kurta designs feature exquisite fabrics along with an interesting style. Dhoti Kurta, cotton Dhoti Kurta, silk, Tussar silk Dhoti Kurta, etc. with beautiful embroidery pattern makes a man’s look absolutely beautiful and traditional for very large of Durga Puja festivities.


Satya Paul – History About a Big Indian Designer

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behind the global brand Satya Paul designer was originally born in Leigha, Pakistan and came to the India during the division of the country. Satya Paul is one of the designers of the global fashion industry pioneers who established the design of the brand with the same name in 1985. He was especially famous for working with weavers in their own villages becoming their handicraft products of design.

released in 1985 Satya Paul is one the leading designer brands in India with international presence. The label is celebrated for ingenuity in design and a range of bright colours, known for sexy female parts, signature print style ageless. The brand has developed over the years to a fashion label India famous worldwide, present in 27 places in the India and street shops abroad. The evolution of the brand to an international fashion label is mostly based on the fact, Satya Paul has always responded actively to your entire environment.

collections are always carefully centered on a theme of what is in fashion and fashion, be completely up-to-date with the styles and trends of the current season. Each piece created by Indian designer team mirrors impulsive, vital colors, distinctive patterns and contours and great creativity.

the variety of Satya Paul Womenswear is fabulous, including beautiful India Couture, ready to wear fashionable clothes, beautiful Indian saris and a great diversity of India fashion accessories such as clutches, scarves and handbags. The man of the label is especially concentrated in fashion accessories and new age of business and casual occasions. Bids for men between twins and neckties, belts and wallets.

as well as man and woman clothing, designer label Indiana creates beautiful collections bridal Indian saris in vivid colors, magnificent lehengas embroidery and sophisticated patterns. Each garment emanates beauty, elegance and glow in all the senses, which meets every imagination of a woman on her own bridal wear.

Satya Paul Signature Series incorporates the concept of discreet luxury with every piece created with wonderful prints, fabrics sensual embellishments, materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Each garment in the store of the signature is da seriousness and attention made. In addition the shop is organising an exclusive limited edition of Satya Paul designs and incorporating services customized to each clients comfort. Opened the first store of Satya Paul Signature at DLF Emporio shopping in New Delhi. “Satya” diffusion line exhibits the finest designs in terms of impressions. The line focuses on design sensitivities and affordability to be destined for the market of sari.


Impact Of Indian Ethnic Wear On The Global Market

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as Chicken Tikka Curry, Indian ethnic wear has taken the world by storm. Thanks to world renowned designers such as Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar, the India is slowly emerging to be a hot fashion destination and ethnic wear is doing feel stronger as never before his presence. And why shouldn’t the West be hypnotized by Indians in the way? Fashion in the India has thousands of years of tradition behind it. The India is land of rich and varied textile heritage in every region of the India has its own native dress and traditional costumes; is a practically a game of Earth to the designers!

India is known for its culture, values and designs. Versatility and craftsmanship of the India is held in high regard for thousands of years. With Hollywood celebrities and labels of fashion taking India inspired costumes and accessories in red carpets, costumes of India in international market demand has grown exponentially.

India inspiration he has dabbled in Hollywood and even the White House has fallen under a deep spell. First Lady Michelle Obama, who is known for her eclectic fashion sense was seen recently with designs inspired by India. From Julia Roberts to Victoria Beckham to Lady Gaga, many world celebrities have fascinated with ethnic India use for years.

with the advent of globalization and internet, Indian designers gradually entering the scene of the dominant fashion in the West and bringing about striking changes. Exotic designs developed by Indian designers have created a great influence to the center of attention in the India clothing trend. These designs along with the magnificent crafts have increased acceptability of the India clothing on the international textile market. Today, fusion of indo Western clothing is the clothing in the world. But this change of culture is a two-way street. As the Indians are getting hooked Mc hamburgers and Pizza, from Bollywood dance move to pashmina shawls, all Indian seems to have a great impact in Western countries. Many Western designers are India culture to be a bottomless pit of inspiration for color, style and craftsmanship.

the story of returning home is no different. Although there has been a large influx of Western brands, the charm of Indian ethnic wear not have diminished, in fact there has been a significant increase in the demand for Indian costumes. According to latest research by the clothing manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) market of clothes India will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate and this trend is here to stay.

emergence of the India e-commerce portals has open flood gates global buyers who can have a real taste of the India ethnic wear. India clothes shopping has never been so easy for both global and Indian consumers. Today, many designers have unique tie ups with several portals of e-commerce that has helped them to reach the masses. In addition, sale ethnic wear e-commerce web sites have thousands of products to choose of which is practically impossible for a brick and mortar regular home shop a great collection.


Western Influence on Indian Fashion Wear

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due to British colonialism in the India, the India culture has been affected significantly by the West. With globalization, India fashion today reflect the Western influence. Blouses, kurtas handkerchief etc. cutting are common today and have become an integral part of your wardrobe. With 28 States and 7 Union territories multiple dialects, India is a land of great diversity and each State has its own unique way.

conventional saris and cleavages, blouses, salwar kameezes have undergone major changes. Latest India fashion trend has a touch of the West. Indian fashion designers are working in and out day to meet the new demands of the market. Let’s see some of the Western influences in the India dresses.

Kurtis short style

even some years ago, traditional kurtis with bold prints were popular among the masses. Although still remain in demand, still short kurtis style with halter necklines are giving tough competition to its traditional counterpart. Before, kurtis were used together with chudidars but today use them on them pants jeans are the latest fashion of the India. Right of a celebrity, the girl’s next door, short kurtis style are a rage. Floor length anarkalis also are in high demand today.

casual skirts of Crinkled pancakes & A-Lined

Lehengas always have been loved by the ladies among all age groups. Traditional embroidered lehenga is one of the best India bridal usa. However, lehengas have become a casual crepes lined and wrinkled skirts which is considered ideal for a party, social gathering, or an informal meeting.

means – Lehenga style saree

saree is the traditional Indian wear. Saris are the perfect wear for weddings, religious functions and parties. However, the latest fashion of the India has seen the evolution of a saree new style which mixes the sari and lehenga in a single wear. This is capturing everyone’s attention. This type of sari is known as half style saree lehenga. This is quite convenient for those who are not well informed of the traditional suspension sari.

tops Halter neck and strap

before, and even now, short sleeve or long sleeve tops are very popular with the ladies. However, today’s tops with straps and halter neck styles have also begun making inroads. This type of blouses has become very common and is in great demand.


jeans are very popular among men and women in the India. Earlier in the parties, formal wear was a common sight. Although it is still, even today in many parts and even in offices, there is no shortage of people wearing jeans. There are several international brands of jeans in the India and every day the market is witnessing the arrival of new designs.

always there are new styles that take place from time to time. Western influence in the India clothing becoming fashionable and elegant. A new design can evolve at any place. It is up to us to adapt to the changes according to our own style, convenience, preference and choice.